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atBe Salon @ Wheelock Place

Be Salon @ Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

If you want to get Korean celebrity hairstyles without flying to Korea, you need to visit Grace. Trained at the top Korean hair salons in Singapore, Grace brings Korean styles to you.

Hair is so important. If you change your hair, even wearing the same outfit won’t give you the same feeling.

Of course, she’s skilled with perms — both men’s and women’s. She kills the game at Korean-style women’s perms, and men also love her perms because she doesn’t just go curly or a neat down perm, but she combines both to give you a trendy style that is voluminous in all the right places.

Interestingly, exchange students in Singapore recommend their whole class to Grace and even revisit her whenever they’re in town. She’s even had customers book appointments before flying to Singapore and making the salon visit with Grace part of their holiday. Talk about globally acclaimed and recommended!

Many of her customers know exactly what they want, which can sound simpler because they have a clear idea, but it is usually more challenging because Grace has to execute exactly what they have in mind. Grace tries her best to produce their dream hairstyle, but even if she doesn’t get it 100% right, customers can see her focus and will come back to her to give her time to understand their hair and style.

She struggled with frizzy hair as a student, so she’s always looking to help others resolve their problems too. She also loves having fun with colour, particularly with highlights like air touch balayage. With her patience and diligence, your hair colour will always come out looking even and seamlessly blended.

So, be it a perm, colour, rebond, or treatment, you can trust Grace with your hair!