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COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd

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Tomoki is a talented hairstylist who recently made his way to Singapore, spending his first few weeks adapting to the unique hair care needs of his new clientele. Hailing from Japan, Tomoki faced initial challenges as Japanese customers commonly thin their hair to facilitate styling, while Singaporeans typically prefer maintaining volume without excessive thinning. However, Tomoki is determined to get accustomed to this difference and cater to the specific hair concerns of his Singaporean clients, with a focus on addressing hair loss issues.

Tomoki's journey in hairstyling began a decade ago when he obtained his license in Japan and completed his training at a reputable academy. It was after getting his hair cut by a skilled stylist that his interest in hair grew exponentially.

Having arrived in Singapore for personal growth and to embrace a more global perspective, Tomoki's first salon experience in the country was one that specialised in head spa treatments. Intrigued by the practice, Tomoki dedicated himself to perfecting his skills in head spa treatments. He embarked on a journey of rigorous finger training to master the precise pressure required for the treatment. Additionally, he independently studied acupuncture points to effectively customise each head spa experience for his customers, with the aim of eventually creating his unique head spa menu.

Tomoki's customer-first attitude is at the core of his approach to hairstyling. He consistently keeps his clients' desires and needs in mind, offering recommendations that are best suited for them rather than imposing his own preferences. Tomoki is keenly aware of how hair can significantly impact an individual's appearance and confidence. For shorter haircuts, he pays special attention to complementing the head shape, while for longer styles, he takes the time to listen attentively to his clients' wishes.

Throughout his career, Tomoki participated in hairstyling competitions as a student, gaining invaluable experiences that contributed to his growth as a stylist. He had the honour of styling the hair of famous personalities, including Yonekura Ryoka, and even ventured into modelling before marrying.

Tomoki's motto is to pursue what he is passionate about, with hairstyling being one of his beloved hobbies and a truly special profession. As he continues to excel in head spa treatments and explore new hairstyling horizons, Tomoki aims to make every customer's visit to the salon a rejuvenating and empowering experience, leaving them with renewed confidence and a sense of well-being.


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