Senior Stylist
atAIR Salon @ The Cathay

Michelle Chua

Hair doesn’t need to fit a trend, but it needs to fit you.

Michelle Chua
Senior StylistatAIR Salon @ The Cathay

AIR Salon @ The Cathay

The Cathay

There's a rite of passage when becoming a hairstylist. It usually starts with studying in a hair or beauty school, working under a mentor as a hair assistant, then growing wings and becoming a hairstylist.

For some, however, you get to go the fast track. This is the case for the talented Michelle, who studied in a hair academy and immediately became a hairstylist after meeting a mentor who saw her potential.

She has worked in various salons across Singapore and Malaysia, including some big brand names that you've probably heard of!

With over a decade of experience, Michelle is well-rounded in all hair services. However, her customers love her volume rebonding and perms the most! She's able to create a natural effect with volume rebonding that tames kinks and frizziness without leaving your hair flat or too straight.

Michelle is no stranger to constantly changing trends and upgrading your hairstyle. While she's able to replicate what you see in the media, she focuses on personal beauty. She believes that everyone has a different aesthetic, and it's important to advise customers according to that. This attention to detail allows her to cater to their comfort, lifestyle, style, needs, and wants.

The friendly and chatty Michelle is happy to talk shop with customers, but she always matches their energy and lets customers relax if they're not feeling chatty. So whether you're an introvert or extrovert, you'll be able to enjoy a peaceful appointment with Michelle!