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COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong


Matsu brings an international flair to COVO Japanese Hair Salon, having joined the team recently after an impressive career in Japan. With a British license and extensive training from a renowned academy, Matsu is a seasoned hairstylist who has embraced the diversity and unique style preferences of Singaporean customers.

His fascination with fashion sparked during secondary school, where he considered various career paths, ultimately opting to become a hairstylist. Throughout his journey, Matsu has found immense joy in hairstyling, and the profession has become even more enjoyable with time.

Specialising in cuts and highlights, Matsu's passion and interest in these techniques drive him to continually enhance his skills. What sets Matsu apart is his determination not to replicate what others are doing, making his approach to hairstyling truly distinctive. His customers find this individuality refreshing and appreciate the personalised touch he brings to each hair transformation.

Beyond creating beautiful hairstyles, Matsu encourages customers to be curious about their own image and to take a keen interest in styling and self-expression. He believes that hairstyling is an integral part of fashion and wants to empower his clients with knowledge and confidence in their styling choices.

Matsu's expertise extends beyond the salon, as he actively participates in magazine photoshoots and conducts seminars on haircuts and styling for fellow stylists and hair salons. He's even had the privilege of styling hair for British celebrities.

With Matsu's visionary approach to hairstyling and his passion for inspiring others, COVO Japanese Hair Salon is proud to have him on board. Whether it's creating stunning hair makeovers or empowering clients to embrace their unique style, Matsu's dedication and artistry leave a lasting impression on everyone he encounters.


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