Leading Stylist
atAIR Salon @ The Cathay

Ken Chu

I seek fulfillment in helping my customers look and feel more beautiful.

Ken Chu
Leading StylistatAIR Salon @ The Cathay

AIR Salon @ The Cathay

The Cathay

Ken is someone who is truly dedicated to his craft. He was first inspired to become a hairstylist because of his brother, but he quickly found a sense of achievement whenever he helped his customers. From there, one month quickly became one decade, and he's been relentlessly working in the hair industry.

It's not everyday you can find a hairstylist who is constantly upgrading their skills, being in touch with the latest trends, and going for overseas courses to further their technique. Ken is one of those rare gems.

In Singapore and Malaysia, he consistenly upgrades his repertoire as a stylist, and is able to offer unique services like air touch highlights. His female customers know him for highlights and balayage, while his male customers know him for his men's cuts and perms.

Hair is important regardless of your age because it affects your self-image and self-esteem. This is why I'm committed to helping my customers take care of their hair.

Besides his extensive list of experience and skills, Ken has also worked with local celebs like JJ Neo and David Eung Hao, photoshoots, and strives to to help every customer achieve a good result based on their face shape, skin tone, and personal preference.

Ken is a professional who may come off as reserved, but that's because he's focused on giving you the best output while respecting your time!