The most important thing is for my customers to feel relaxed, comfortable, and look forward to their next appointment.

atAllumer Japanese Beauty Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

Don't be fooled by this soft-spoken facial therapist — she's incredible experienced and knowledgeable! After some digging, we found so many interetsting bites about Arisa.

First and foremost, her anti-ageing hands have travelled all over the world. She went to Sydney for 8 months to learn English, Bali for 4 months to get her international beauty license, worked as a beauty therapist in Japan for 9 years, and is now in Singapore to further her technique!

Notice a pattern? Arisa is an eager learner who wants to challenge herself, expand her horizon, and help others discover their beauty.

She's best known for her facials that address and minimise the appearance of wrinkles. How? Through authentic Balinese massage techniques she personally learned in Bali, her customer-touted super-soft hands, and her deep understanding of skin.

Her customer demographic is mainly ladies in their 30s to 50s, and she helps them age gracefully — with her massage techniques, not machines! Interesting, huh?

She came to Singapore not only to share her expertise with a new audience, but also to upgrade her skillset and level up herself!

Aside from her relaxing hands, her customers love that she’s upbeat, friendly, and polite! So you’re bound to feel super comfortable and relaxed in her presence.

Since she's new to Singapore, you'll likely be able to secure an appointment with her fairly easily. We reckon that won't stay for long, so hurry on if you're looking to get a facial!

What Deals Are Available

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$130 for Glossy face Waxing (Free 1P od Fiber Sheet Mask) (U.P.:$160) valid for one time use only


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a month left

$310 for Herb 3g Treatment (Without Aftercare) 80mins (U.P.: $400)


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$200 for Verite Facial Treatment 80mins (U.P.: $290)


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$80 for Cavitation One Session + Massage 20mins (U.P.: $141) Valid for Staff Arisa

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