Senior Stylist
atAIR Salon @ The Cathay

Ailee Shin

Hair is my life. Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful, so I'm helping my customers do just that!

Ailee Shin
Senior StylistatAIR Salon @ The Cathay

AIR Salon @ The Cathay

The Cathay

The fresh-faced Ailee is a joy to be around! You can feel her passion for her craft, and it makes sense, because she started out cutting her friends' fringes and styling their hair.

Decideing it was fun and well-suited for her, she decided to pursue it as a career. She learned and got her license in Korea, where she went on to work for popular Korean salons in both Korea and SIngapore.

As you might've guessed, her specialty lies in Korean perms and rebonding. In Korea, perms and rebonding is a basic necessity, so she has extensive experience with them. She customises every hairstyle based on her customer's face shape and ties it back to Korea's take on face beauty.

Her in-depth consultation is heavy on face shape and hair condition so she can advise the best possible style and create the best possible outcome.

Although she is best known for her Korean-style perms and rebonding, many of her long-time customers have also experimented and upgraded their hairstyles.

Overall, Ailee is a versatile Korean hairstylist who is sure to provide an enjoyable hair experience!