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COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Boat Quay

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$200 for Tokio inkarami & scalp treatment (including wash and blow) for ALL customers


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$230 for X treatment & scalp treatment (including wash and blow) for ALL customers


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Haircut, Colour, Perm, Men, Straight, Styling, Treatment

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20% off Set menu for New customer

Haircut, Colour, Perm, Men, Straight, Styling, Treatment

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I believe that the best hair salon is a place where customers can relax, recharge and be pampered while their hair is carefully taken care by hair professionals. By selecting only great hairstylists, using only the best chemicals we know and giving each customer ample personal space, I hope to create this ideal experience for all of COVO’s customers.

Mizoguchi Manabu
Founder of COVO Hair Salon


The brilliant team behind the COVO flagship salon in Keong Saik Rd and a second salon in Katong have their third outlet in Boat Quay now!

True to COVO's style, this salon is bright, spacious, and has semi-private spaces, all of which are rare in Singapore salons these days.

Whether you're coming on your own to relax, with a group of friends for a fun day out, or with your kids and family, there is enough space for everyone. Plus, this is one of the most family-friendly Japanese salons in Singapore!

On top of their most relaxing ambience, every customer at COVO is attended to exclusively by an experienced Japanese stylist from start to finish. This means personalised service, a quicker hair service, and no waiting around or getting passed around to the next available hairstylist! It also means that your hairstylist is more accountable for the outcome of your hair, so the results here tend to be supremely satisfying.

We also appreciate that there is often a translator at the reception. Most Japanese stylists here can speak rather fluent English, but it always feels reassuring to know that you can ask for a translator if necessary.

We highly recommend COVO not only because of their ambience and service, but also because of their wide range of treatments carefully sourced and brought to Singapore by founder Mizoguchi!

Dissatisfied with the quality of some perm lotions, rebonding lotions and treatments, Mizoguchi researched deeply into various hair chemicals and worked closely with Japanese haircare companies to handpick only top-quality treatments to bring to Singapore.

The result? Treatment lotions that are more effective as they can be customised to each customer's hair condition. Of course, their carbonated spring water, carbonated spa foam and clarifying scalp steamer probably help as well!

Overall, a great hair salon to try if you haven't stepped into a Japanese hair salon!

P.S. They have just introduced a new Must-Try Treatment NOV and Eclasta. Ask the stylists more about them!

Members' Privileges

Beyond attractive prices, COVO Japanese Hair Salon offers a complimentary member loyalty program to reward customers who return for more services!

Membership Fee: Free

Membership Benefits: Dependent on Membership Tiers

Silver Members

  • Earn 1 point every visit
  • 10% off on second and third visit within 3 months from the previous visit
  • 20% off when you introduce new customers

Gold Members

  • Earn 1 point ever $50 spent
  • Free ECLASTA Treatment / Head Spa in your birthday month
  • 20% off all hair services in your birthday month

Platinum Members

  • Earn $50 voucher with every 10 points
  • Free ECLASTA Silky Treatment in your birthday month
  • 30% off all hair services in your birthday month
  • 15% discount for all hair products
  • 20% off for all new services
  • Family members enjoy same benefit as the main

How to get promoted:

  • Visit the salon 4 times for Silver Members to upgrade to Gold
  • Spend $2,000 SGD for Gold Members to upgrade to Platinum

Don't forget to redeem these perks if you do come back for a visit!


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* Price effective from Feb 2023 onwards. * Price are GST exclusive. * 2 menu selected = -$10 * 3 menu selected = -$20 (not applicable on 'Others' menu, Care Colour, Care Digital Perm and Rebonding.)


  • Semi-private area gives each customer more space and privacy
  • Each hairstylist attends to the customer from beginning till the end
  • COVO's hair philosophy is to deal minimal damage to hair as much as possible while still ensuring that customers achieve their desired hairstyle
  • Experienced and friendly hairstylists
  • Some stylists here are fluent in English and have experience hairdressing for Caucasian customers!
  • Good for haircut and Keratin Treatment
  • Attentive service
  • Loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points across COVO and KJStudio to redeem gift vouchers


  • 5 minutes from Raffles Place Station Exit G
  • Easy to miss the entrance if you weren't paying attention
  • Pricier than the usual hair salon
  • Some of the Japanese stylists are not as fluent in English yet

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Loving It

Mayvis Tian

May 13, 2023

1st visit to Covo @Boat Quay

Hi Roy, I appreciate your attention to detail and your commitment to excellence. Salon is neat and clean too. (Review not yet verified)

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